How 2 Revive #DefJamFightForNY As A Generic Fighter – BUILD A LABEL mode EXPANDED

My love for the Def Jam gaming franchise has stood the test of time. Vendetta and Fight For NY remain nostalgic favorites for most wrestling and hip hop fans that have been graced with the opportunity to play. As time moves on, PS2 era gamers wonder why we haven't seen a proper reboot or clone.... Continue Reading →


How To Revive Def Jam: Fight For NY As A Generic Fighter

Wrestling is enjoyable y'all! Even wrestling games are fun for those who don't even follow wrest...*cough* I mean sports entertainment. For years gamers have enjoyed over the top fighting and beat em up games with 'pro' wrestlers thrown in as marital arts contestants. There have even been a chosen few, like Def Jam Vendetta/Fight For NY/ICON, that... Continue Reading →

Parenting In A Trump-ist Society

(featured pic courtesy of   Being passionate about politics was particularly foreign to me as a kid for quite some time. I would occasionally see talk about presidents and local government races and see that it was important but couldn't really figure out why. As I prepare to vote this year, it amuses me... Continue Reading →

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