Ode To G4TV – Then And Now

(reprint of an old post on Heed Magazine) The amazingly gorgeous and funny Olivia Munn. The hilariously talented and quick witted Kevin Pereira. The passionately geeky and funny Chris Hardwick. The sarcastic and logically critical Adam Sessler. The beautiful and unerringly intelligent Morgan Webb. The awkwardly comic and powerful Jessica Chobot.  Between about 2003 and 2012,  I frequented... Continue Reading →

StarSector – My New Gaming Love Affair

I honestly cannot remember how I stumbled across Starsector. However it was, this game has quickly become one of my all time favorite space games. Starsector blends the RPG stylings of a space themed Mount & Blade with the customization passion of Mechwarrior all wrapped up in a Master of Orion bun! Sound complicated? You... Continue Reading →

Between This Insurrection And Me

When Trump supporters stormed the Capitol on January 6th, 2021, my whole being swung between anger and validation. When I say validation I mean validated of my opinion of how dangerous Trump's rhetoric is and how he panders to white supremacists. When I say anger I mean anger at how easily the mob entered the... Continue Reading →

My Stream Journal: A pep talk for myself

There are many times I question the usefulness of me streaming. It's pretty clear that I'm not very good at marketing myself and the regularity of my streaming schedule is probably spotty at best. I've seen and read through a number of great 'Tips for streamers' articles like the following:   As I've found these... Continue Reading →

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