Twitter: @Bunneh3000

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bunneh3000Writes/


Twitch.tv: twitch.tv/bunneh3000

BJ aka “Bunneh3000” aka “Lyrikal” Brown Jr. is a writer/poet/critic.

As a poet, BJ’s style is primarily focused on free form and touch upon a range of themes from relationships to education to people he has met to moments in his own life. He began sharing his works ever since 2000 in various online poetry groups such as Soultry.net, Writerscafe.org , Poetryblogrankings.com, Poetrywithmeaning.com, and AuthorNation.com. His first poetry book, Diary Of An Affair, was published in 2007. Since then, his works have been featured in online poetry contests and even some published anthologies including The Poet’s Place, NW Literature Review, The Poetic Bond, and Poet’s Ink . BJ has also self published a few poetry chapbooks via Lulu.com as well.

As a writer/critic, BJ began his craft online with a community site named Epinions.com. There he chose to write reviews on the obscure music and video games that he enjoyed and frequented yet typically didn’t see a lot of mainstream coverage on. After years of earning a few dollars per article, BJ chose to build his portfolio and lend his talents to other website craving additional content. This led to the perfect storm when he met up with Honey from Honeysoul.com. There his musical tastes and reviews flourished until Honeysoul.com shutdown around 2007. At that time he broadened his online freelance status by contributing to gaming music sites such as WeGotThisCovered.com, Soultracks.com, DieHardGamefan.com, and Blogcritics.org.

He eventually placed his talents in the hands of Heed Magazine where he is the current editor of their Geek content. Since he began writing there, his articles have been published in both the print magazine and the website. His work has spanned gaming, tech, and music reviews despite primarily focusing in on all things geek related. Eventually, BJ realized a dream of his by starting his own geek related podcast called Heed Magazine Geekswagg Podcast where he, close friend Jason “DirtyHelmet” McNab, and the founder of ZGamerOnline.com Makeda “The Grim Phreaker” speak on topics ranging from comics, to movies, to gaming, to anything remotely in the realm of geek culture. He has managed to strike a partnership with the imaginative and talented minds at Ladies Of The Round Table as well as the incomparable Black Girl Nerds community.

BJ has also contributed to the likes of BlackGirlNerds, Fanbros.com, GamingPrecision, Panfurware.com, BlackNerdProblems.com, and TheBlackGeeks.com.

When BJ isn’t working his daytime job as a mechanical engineer or enjoying time with his children alongside his beautiful wife, BJ actually manages to blog about the various hobbies he has as well. An avid music lover, proud geek, and poetic observer of life and love, BJ takes the things that he loves and observes and proceeds to put a thought provoking spin on how they all inspire the things that he writes.


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